Quality Control

Through routine sampling and inspections at Pultrall, our quality control procedures assure that products meet all specifications and are within prescribed dimensional variation markers. 

Pultrall is in compliance with ISO as follows:

•ISO9001 Certification (since 2003)

•TS16949 Certification (since 2009)

•ISO14000 Certifications (in progress)

In addition, Pultrall has put in place the required tools and implemented Statistical Process Control (SPC). SPC has for object an improved product’s quality using statistical tools aimed at a centered production that is also as less dispersed as possible. This type of quality control is ''dynamic''; whereas routine tests are of interest in regards with isolated and instantaneous results .SPC looks at how the values evolve through time.

Manufacturer's Quality Control Tests (Bar Certs) are provided for verification purposes with each delivery. Bar delivery and response time is prompt as V-ROD® is produced here in Canada.

V-ROD® is fully compliant with the stringent CSA S-807 FRP Specification, which is a critical document for owners to ensure the materials they specify will perform safelyand provide long-term durability.