Pultrall Inc.


Pultrall Inc., based out of Thetford Mines, QC, is the industry leading manufacturer of the V-ROD® line of FRP reinforcing products who have set the benchmark with their Canadian made product in terms of performance, Quality Control and continuous R&D in developing wider ranges of products and accessories. Their motto is "Strong and Flexible" which represents their capability and diversification of the product line as well as their team. Aside from being ISO 9001-2000 and ISO/TS 16949, Pultrall is also a "certified" manufacturer according to the FRP Certification Guideline and forthcoming CSA S-807, meeting the highest "60Gpa Grade" with its V-ROD® HM and surpasses the "40Gpa Grade II" with its standard V-ROD®, all meeting the "D1" Durability classification. Pultrall's mission is contributing to the success of its partners through relentless innovation, with an organization that has been global leader in composite materials market, distinguishing itself by its dynamics, committed team and on-going research/R&D for improved materials and production methods. Aside from V-ROD® rebar, Pultrall manufactures structural components and pultruded parts for trucks and buses with clients such as Bombardier, Soucy, Volvo bus and other transportation companies. The electrical market is also a large application with FRP used for various types of insulators, conductor support brackets and hydro vaults for customers as Quebec Hydro. Other applications in the construction industry include architectural profiles, door and window frames as well as composites for industrial, medical and agricultural sectors.