V-ROD Canada is the representative and parnter with Pultrall Inc, the manufacturer of V-ROD® GFRP and CFRP reinforcing and global leader in composite fibre reinforced polymer. The company as it currently structured today is the result of a merger incorporated November 1st of 2009 between Pultrall Inc and Trancels Construction Technologies, which at the time was renamed to Trancels-Pultrall Canada. Prior to this, Trancels had been the exclusive representative of Pultrall in Ontario and Western Canada since late 2002 in marketing V-ROD® GFRP composite reinforcing bar.  V-ROD Canada has earned the respect of numerous owners, ministries of transportation, engineers and contractors by providing an innovative and practical solution to concrete reinforcing. With GFRP reinforcing now becoming mainstream, owners can realize the initial cost savings compared to other specialty steel rebar along with long-term costing savings when considering Life-Cycle Costing while at the same time being assured of a safe, durable and sustainable structure. 

Over the years of V-ROD Canada representing V-ROD®, there have been many years of R&D, product development and much research and testing with various universities such as Sherbrooke, Queens, Ryerson, UBC, Waterloo, University of Toronto and others along with organizations such as ISIS Canada (which evolved to CSA FRP specifications) and NSERC who were very instrumental in advancing the awareness and confidence with owners and consultants. V-ROD Canada had developed a great relationship with Pultrall from the outset and was impressed with their commitment to producing the premier FRP composite reinforcing in the market. As a result, the natural evolution was to harness the marketing expertise of V-ROD Canada together with Pultrall who is committed to maintaining its position as the leading producer of FRP composite materials in the market.