About Us

V-ROD Canada is the representative and partner with Pultrall Inc, the manufacturer of V-ROD GFRP reinforcing and global leader in composite glass fibre reinforcing. It's territories include Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Aside from providing the widest range of GFRP grades resulting in the best performance at the best cost, our main priority is to provide prompt delivery times and excellent customer service. We typically supply V-ROD through the various rebar fabricators across Canada and provide technical information to the consulting engineers, owners and contractors. 

All GFRP is not created equal and V-ROD provides the widest product range in GFRP, high strength Carbon (CFRP) or smooth joint/load transfer dowels. V-ROD is the only product in the market market that is available in all three grades according to the CSA S807-10 FRP Specification; 40GPa, 50GPa and the highest strength 60GPa bar. Aside from straight bar, standard & custom bends, stirrups or continuous spirals are available. 

Applications in reinforcing cast-in-place or precast concrete structures include:
- bridges/infrastructure - LRT's - parking garages - water treatment plants - airports - tunnelling - marine structures - aluminum smelters - MRI's - industrial - mining etc