Cast-in-place Bridge Application

V-ROD Grade I 40GPa and highest strength Grade III 60GPa GFRP bar was used on MTO 2009-2020 project on three structures on Hwy 401 in Toronto, ON in multi-stage project. 

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Cast-in-place Bridge Deck Application

V-ROD GFRP reinforcing was used for reinforcing the bridge decks and barriers in the multi-structure 23rd Avenue/Gateway Blvd project in Edmonton, AB.

Completed Peace Bridge, Calgary AB

50GPa V-ROD GII bar was used in reinforcing the deck of this award winning pedestrian bridge

V-ROD GFRP reinforcing used in precast slabs in various marine structures such as piers and jetties where the non-corrosive properties ensure long-term durabilty against salt water.


V-ROD GFRP reinforcing was used in main floor slabs and structure walls in chlorination tank of the new water treatment plant in Thetford Mines, Quebec. 

Reinforcing Sustainable Structures
Reinforcing Sustainable Structures
Completed Peace Bridge
Wyndham Jetty
Long-term durability in corrosive environments
V-ROD GFRP ready for casting on MTO structure on Hwy 401 in Toronto
V-ROD GFRP in decks and barriers in 23rd Av/Gateway Blvd in Edmonton
V-ROD GFRP used in chlorination tank walls and floor slabs in water treatment plant


Why Choose V-ROD GFRP Reinforcement

Reinforced concrete is the standard building material for construction of buildings and infrastructure. However, steel used historically for reinforcement may cause major corrosion issues due to our climate and exposure to chlorides and have resulted in severe deterioration. Governments and owners are facing an estimated $74B of ongoing repairs and potential dangerous failures have now included GFRP in their corrosion protection policies. V-ROD® GFRP composite reinforcement has answered the call in providing an economical, safe and long-term sustainable solution with initial and “Life Cycle” cost savings.

Why Choose V-ROD GFRP Rebar

All GFRP is not created equal. In offering the widest range and highest grade of GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polymer), high strength CFRP (Carbon fiber reinforced polymer) or load transfer dowels, V-ROD® sets the benchmark as the global leader in providing the best performance at the best cost. The mechanical and physical properties of FRP reinforcement are critical in determining performance and long-term durability.  Accordingly, V-ROD® is the only bar available in the market that meets all three grades (40GPa, 50GPa & 60GPa) as per the CSA S-807; offering the highest grade in the market up to GUTS of 1372 MPa and 65GPa down to its LM line of 800MPa and 44GPa bar. This allows optimization of design and best cost vs performance ratio - FLEXIBILITY.


V-ROD Canada and Pultrall Inc are dedicated to providing long-term sustainable solutions with FRP composite reinforcement while providing the highest level of customer service. Out client's reputation and integrity, along with ours, is of paramount importance. Business operations are founded and based on fundamental core values, servicing with honesty, integrity, passion and committment to you as our customer with the ultimate goal of building long term mutually beneficial relationships.